Discover the Reefs in Sian Ka'an
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For those most interest in marine life: There is no comparison observing the underwaterworld from your comfortable TV chair to plunging into the warm caribbean waters yourself, feeling the cooling breeze on the boat, observing pelicans diving for fish ... see all the beautiful reef colours through your mask. Along with your memories, you will bring back home your fotos of wild dolphins, manatees and turtles in total freedom. Exploring Sian Ka'an is not watching discovery channel, this is a life experience! 

Day 1.- Arrival

Transfer from the airport to our Lodge in the Biosphere. We will leave Cancun around 2:00 PM, please schedule your flight around that time.For those who will get to the Lodge by themselves, please consult our map "how to get to the lodge"

All of our rooms are equipped with A/C, private bathroom and hot water. They are located at our beautiful beach of white sand and crystal clear water, right in front of a beautiful coral reef, that you can reach swimming from the shore.

Robinson room 3
Robinson room 3
People in the b...
People in the beach
 Mexican Style Bedrooms   Relaxing on a white sand beach ...


Day 2.- Discover the Underwaterworld

After breakfast, your guide will give you an introduction about the biosphere of Sian Ka’an and it’s history and coral reefs. We offer a basic snorkel course for those without experience to get you comfortable with the equipment and ready to go to the water. We will start by discovering the local reef in front of the lodge. For children younger than 5 we recommend to bring goggles and life-preservers. They will be fascinated to discover the colourful world of “Nemo” life.

Sea Tourtle
Sea Tourtle
Butterfly fish
Butterfly fish

Day 3. -  Snorkel in Ascension Bay

Today we'll take our first tour out by boat to the reefs across the bay. Our goal is to identify the different species of coral and tropical fish with underwater slates. Bring your waterproof cameras to take the most amazing pictures for your photo album!

 Day 4. - Wild Dolphin Encounter

Wild dolphins
Wild dolphins
We'll leave by boat early in the morning to go out searching for wild bottle nose dolphins. A group of them lives permanently in Ascension Bay. Through two years of operation we have developed a relationship where they come to see us to the same place, almost every time, not for food but curiosity.

We are also looking to find interesting habitants of the environment, moving slowly through the mangrove channels. We may observe pelicans, eagles, cormorans, spoonbills and many more species of exotic birds...

We will continue the tour with a visit of the local coral reefs in the biosphere, where we will find turtles, starfish, stingrays and all kinds of different creatures.Your kids will love the experience!

Day 5.- Enjoy the Beach

Enjoy the day on beach, the breeze, the beautiful water, while watching your kids play ... relax in your hamac. Discover the coral reef in front of the lodge.

Day 6. -  Manatee Adventure

This peaceful and quite lovely animal is in risk of extinction.


Hundreds of them used to swim in Sian Ka'an waters, today only few of them survived the human hunting on the 20th century.Today they are strongly protected by the government. No touching is allowed, they are very shy.

Nearby we'll stop to visit an old Mayan light house, that was used to assist the canoes traveling between Yucatan and Honduras, trading salt and other products from the valleys with goods from the mountains. To cool off at the end of the tour, we will stop to snorkel a different coral reef.

Stingray city
Stingray city

Day 7. - Snorkel at the Shipwreck

We'll go out by boat across Ascension Bay to the reef, we'll locate the shipwreck on the coral barrier close to the coast. With the time it has turned into an artificial reef, being made part of the original coral colonies. It can be observed very closely from the surface. We'll take pictures and identify the creatures we'll find.

Day 8. -  Departure

Transfer to Cancún / airport, leaving between 06:00 AM and 08:30 AM, so we will arrive there between 09:00 AM and 11:30 AM. For those, who arrived by themselves to the lodge: CHECK-OUT is at 10:00 AM.


7 nights package:


  Double occupation

  $ 1,600 USD per person

  Single occupation

  $ 1,850 USD per person

  Kids 4 - 12 years (in the same room)

  $ 490 USD per person



5 nights package:


  Double occupation

  $ 1185 USD per person

  Single occupation

  $ 1355 USD per person

   Kids 4 - 12 years (in the same room)

 $ 350 USD per person



Packages include:

 - roundtrip transportation from Cancun airport
 - Food and beverage: breakfast, lunch, dinner
 - purified water, sodas, beers and national liquors
 - accomodations in A/C room, Ocean View


Rates for Tours for guests:


ECOTOURS 1/2 day – per boat (max 5 persons)

  $ 220 USD

TOUR to MUYIL Ruins – per boat (max 5 persons)

  $ 280 USD

FISHING 1/2 DAY – per boat (max 3 persons)

  $ 250 USD

FISHING FULL DAY – per boat (max 3 persons)

  $ 350 USD

SNORKEL GEAR RENTAL  - per day (included in tours)

  $ 10 USD







Snorkel tour
Snorkel tour



For more information or bookings, please call:

From México 01-800-719-5636

From USA 1-888-894-5642

Internacional: +52 (998) 848-2496

Or send us an email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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